is it possible to use commandline \shutup with specified path to a patch ? I tried \shutup “myfile.v4p” in args.txt file but when I want to make a new patch 4v.exe is shutup too.
\shutup don’t seems to work with a relative path, is there an other way to shutup a specified patch ?

try with a slash

vvvv.exe /shutup /o myfile.v4p

of course slash is better, I’ve tried with to be sure but still not working.
I’ve read commandline parameters. Shutup command seems to be absolute to vvvv.exe not relative to a path…

/shutput does not take any parameters
/o is described here: commandline parameters#o path to patch

so I’m looking for an other way to clean a patch, if somebody can help me…

i guess you need to use a few more words to describe your actual problem. what you mean with “clean a patch”?

sorry, it’s a bit difficult in english but I want to save my patch hiding the patch window but not the renders.
when I use /shutup in the args.txt, vvvv.exe starts hiding the patch window.
What I want is vvvv.exe starting in normal mode to create an other one but myfile.v4p whish is finished to start hiding the patch

hm… i can still only guess what you mean. do you want to basically start vvvv normally but only myfile.v4p should open hidden?

in that case read root and see if it helps. the idea would be that you hide your patch in the root, and save the root. like this it will always open hidden.

I’ll try but for the moment I wrote /shutup in args.txt to use my patches and delete /shutup when I have to edit a patch or create a new one.
thx joreg