Shoutbox twitter features

here my tweet twat wishes for the shoutbox:

  • if the shoutbox gets mentioned on twitter ( @vvvvshoutbox is put into any tweet from anyone ), this tweet gets included in the shoutbox
    (/cc @user on twitter means, you want to let someone know this tweet is specifically important, would be perfrect for shoutbox)

  • every user should be able to specify his/her twitter user. if that user is mentioned in the vvvv shoutbox (via @user), the username gets converted to the correlating twitter user (on twitter), instead of the convertion into ‘>user’

  • @user mentions in the shoutbox could create links to the user profiles

  • d vvvvshoutbox on twitter (direct message to the shoutbox) creates a shoutbox entry. problem: only followed users can dm the shoutbox, therefore the shoutbox had to follow all its followers first.


  • how about aggregating also the tweets including #vvvv? (as @vvvvshoutbox)

also thought about the #vvvv aggregation, but maybe that should go into the blogs section like vimeo / flickr ?

only problem is, that the hashtag gets also used for something totally unrelated
(e.g. )