Should be simple.... but struggling with loops


To make it simple, I have 10 quads.
When the mouse collide a quad, it falls.
As long as it falls, mouse can’t collide it anymore.
When the falling quad Y position is less than -1.2, it goes back to a random Y position, between 0 and 1.

Really need help on this one.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Herbstlaub.v4p (18.4 kB)

Waouw, thanks.
It looks so simple. I will analyse all this and learn.

Thanks a lot

May I ask one last help?
Instead of falling, I need the quads to be sent out of the screen, depending on how the cursor touched them, like if you are punching them.
I’ve used NearestNeighbour to get a direction, as I not only get one point from the cursor, but a bunch from Contour.
Desperately need help!

Here is where I’m stuck: (10.9 kB)

Your subpatches are missing, red nodes alert !

Zip file updated.