Shortcut to create Getters and Setters for one or multiple pads

Would be cool to have a shortcut that creates GetXXX and SetXXX operations for selected pads, with XXX being the name of the pad.


yes, please

Most upvoted feature request 2019

two more cents on that request : the links for operation could be a bit offset to avoid overlapping with potential CTRL+K :



Another request: open up the editor api in a way that new keyboard shortcuts and actions like this can be added by users.

I kept thinking about Getter/Setter, on a conceptual level.

So what we are asking for is really the difference between private and public Fields. Maybe it is worth considering NOT adding them to Operations, and instead just marking the pad in either the Properties list, or its graphical symbol in-patch?
Having a more involved Getter/Setter should of course show up in the Methods list, but the most simple case could be left out.

Should be a new thread, maybe. Customizing the GUI is a big thing in games, and in fact games like WoW perfected the art of just delivering a base GUI without much fanfare, and instead open up the GUI to modders. Within only a few years, many great ideas can be prototyped, tested by actual users, and cherry picked for the vanilla GUI.
maybe: Modding Gamma: More than just a CSS

I for one really like the idea of patchable Tooltips.
But I could also really do with some alternative patch overlays about timings, or performance lost to memcopy within links.
Or a node browser that is not as ridiculously confusing as the one shipped in vanilla.


I like the idea of just enabling the get/set on the property itself.


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