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Hmm… how do I delete a post?

i searched for 1/2 an hour but i don’t find the thread.

i remember joreg remarking somewhere here something like:

  • a patch running in “hidden” mode consumes less performance than a “windowed” or “visible” one.
  • patches running in docked mode even worse.

not sure.
please correct me.

hidden should be slower than any other mode. but if it is windowed or boxed or docked shouldn’t make a difference.

so it would be better to have all subpatches,modules, instances of a really large patch in windowed mode?

i can’t believe this.

sorry i certainly meant hidden should be faster than any other mode…

puuh, and i thought i did everything wrong the last years…

but for what reason?
because there is no need to update the GUI anymore?

that would mean the same increase/decrease of performance like toggling the ViewUpdate with CTRL-U ?

btw.: i remember joreg more precise now. it was sth like “a docked window is like a visible one even if you can’t see it.”

Hehe, is that what you meant? link

i think you are right. Ctrl-U should do the same like hiding the patch. However i’m not totally sure about it.
When a patch is visible then the visual counterparts of all nodes are asked to update themselves each frame when ViewUpdate is turned on. Theoretically nodes shouldn’t do anything with their visual counterparts themselves and therefore turning ViewUpdate off should result in no action of the GUI. However this is theorie. In praxis it could be that there are some lines of code where a node does more depending on if it has a visual representation.

When you hide a patch the visual part is completely desroyed and thrown out of memory.

reworked Performance f.k.a. orphaned “HowTo Optimize Performance”.

please keep that wikipage in mind and link it.