Shine - trapcode style shader?

hey guys, are you familiar with the after effects plugin “shine” sold by trapcode ?

it creates pretty nice rays of light coming out of bright parts in an image.

does anyone have a shader solution that mimics this effect?

cheers jannis

I started trying to do one, I figured radial blur with a threshold would do it, but I didnt get to far!
I was trying to do it in one pass though, I imagine if you use a couple of render passes to seperate your pixels to blur with a threshold and then a blur and then a comp back together you could do it…
Bit too busy at the moment to try though!

years later someone remembers this thread :) see my user-patches

brilliant patch u7. like it. like it alot

One nice piece off work indeed :) Sure I have some fun with this baby…

Vielen danks :)

bitte schön :)

what i’m asking myself…is it possible to increase the number of iterations in the radial blur shader (nsamples)? if i choose a number higher than 30 the shader complains…

shortly after jannis post i had the same idea than your patch, but never the time to give it a finish. but i noticed, that adding a third pass and reducing iterations will improve quality much more… it is also better to send only the blur of pass two to the third pass. for that, set includeorig to 0 and change the last line of the pixelshader to:

return includorig ? (c + tex2D(Samp, TexC.xy + Center))*factor : c * factor;

then add the result to the original… works good with only 6…8 iterations and a small blur width…

worth a try. thanks for the hint.

why didnt u make it 2 years ago, you deprived us of enlightment… 2 bloody years of darkness :)

good question, but (now) i have an easy answer, i didn’t came up with the render the scene in black thing… my patch was only working with pictures, a smooth radial blur, nothing more in my eyes. and it couldn’t do the television jingle like effects jannis told me about.
but its good that i didn’t uploaded it, because now you have a more sophisticated solution…

thx for the enlightment :)

i was just kidding :)

btw. all credits to mr.Kenny Mitchell, he wrote the article in the GPU Gems book

time to remember these fantastic resources GPUGems 1 and GPUGems 2 available at the NVidia website.