ShellExecute cannot find file

When using the ShellExecute node to open a file (puredata-patch in this case) residing in the same directory, the node works fine at first and on reloading, but is unable to find the file again after closing and re-opening the vvvv-patch. The filename is still displayed correctly, but it needs to be re-affirmed using the file browser on the file-pin. Connecting an IOBox(String) with the filename in question does not solve the problem… is there a workaround to this?

try OnOpen -> Switch or something that changes the input on startup… just an idea, havn’t tested it…

i remember having had similar issues with FileStream.
inputting an absolute path did make it in this case.

not sure at all if this makes sense in your case you could use Self (VVVV) and FileName (File) Split to get an absolute path. but for sure you already knew this

nah, i didn’t know that :) thank you guys, it worked out ( feeding self(vvv) into filename(file)split and shellexecute, using onopen to bang its execute-pin ).

ho ho ho, now i’ve got sound…

fasten your seatbelts: diki has 2 new nodes now ;)

thanks for pointing those out. fixed for ShellExecute and Filestream.