SharedMemory (Windows) bug?


I have some problems with the SharedMemory (Windows) node. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it is a bug of the node.

I saw if I send a bang value from one VVVV instance to another,
sometimes it sends the value and sometimes not.
I transformed the bang value with AsString (or FormatValue) on the sending
side and on the receiving side I connected the AsValue node for reconverting
it to a valid value.

What I’m trying to do is sending values from one instance to another.
Is it right to use SharedMemory (Windows) or is there perhaps a better way
for that purpose?

Another question: Is the SharedMemory node not spreadable for sending more
strings at the same time? What are the best Byte settings for sending value variables?

ai cybear,

since both vvvv instances are not running in sync sending bangs between them won’t work. try instead to bang a counter and send the result of the counter (an ever increasing value). on the receiver you check with Change (Animation) to generate a bang if the value changed. see?

instead sharedmem you could use udp, but in theory sharedmem could be faster. else there shouldn’t be any difference between those options.

the node should be spreadable and the byte settings refers to the number of bytes you want to transfer. for ansi-strings one character equals one byte. simply choose a value that is larger than whatever you will send.

Thank you Joreg for your reply!
I’ll try your solution.


Thank you! It worked!