SharedMemory (EX9.Texture)

currently i am using SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) to receive something from a 3rd party application.

i convert this texture using AsString (EX9.Texture) and transmit it to some multiboygrouping-clients and servers.
so this PC is only kind of “cameraserver”
quite successful though.
but after ~ 2 hours i have a complete system/windows crash on this cameraserver.

somebody else made this experience?

just for previewing my mixer on my laptop display…
Awful CPU load, and really unstable. But I think you know that yourself hehe :]

It was long time ago, but I think I had some nasty crashes in about 2 hours and sometimes it din’t reconnected inside 4v.

I think that 2 hours might be the time XP needed to use all memory in your machine! Cause it “might” be that it can’t re-use the memory untill you reactivate that node…
Cause High CPU load shows directly on something like that…