SharedMemory Bytes

Hi all, i’m working with sharedMemory and I’m noticing that if I store a 3Bytes image and use a depth of 3 bytes in module , everything is ok.

If i store in shared memory an image with 1 byte depth, look like vvvv thinks that image has 3 bytes anyway, since, if :

i select 3 bytes on module, then i see 3 small images (like filling the bytearray 3 times

i selecte 1 byte on module, i see only a channel, actually tha blue one

Is there a way to use a sharedMemory texture with 1 byte depth ?

SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) has a config pin called Format. make sure to chose a 1byte format there, like L8.

Thank u, is the first thing I’ll try tomorrow, I’d better remember that some pins are hidden, and more respect for her inspektor, thank u :)