SharedHandle in Info

In alpha 27.2 there is the shared handle output at the info node and shared Texture Node, in alpha 28 it`s gone. Is this feature not any longer supported?
Will it be in a beta release soon?


beta27.2 does not yet have this (there was only a special alpha27.2 that had it). alpha28 shall soon receive it.

yeah nice.

latest alpha has it

One question, can this handle be used with SharedMemory(Ex9.Texture) ?

The input on SharedMemory is for shared memory namePin. What is this? Doesn’t seem to be the handle value…

no, you’d use SharedTexture (EX9.Texture)

yep, got there in the end ;)

texture share isn’t working between cards, only between heads on one card. is that expected?

yes, works only in the memory of one card…

Which one was that special alpha release?

here is the latest + suitable addonpack

Shared texture committed on the 5th of July works well, including video textures on two screens, but the last commit isn’t so sweet (12th July).

The handler pin on’Info(Ex9.Texture)’ is stuck on 0 and the video texture only works on one screen again.


hei hadasi, as mentioned here: cross-process-texture-sharing-depth-rendering you now have to start vvvv using
as a commandline parameter to get texturesharing and videotexture work on 2 devices.

Thanks Joreg.

And I understand the reasoning for the arg initialization. Seems to brake Collada mesh too.


danks for the collada hint. fixed in latest alpha.

Hi guys,

Funktastik the Window Handle on guinodes.

it would be nice to have a node or pin in the sharedTexture(Ex9.Texture), to see the available Windows Handle in the video memory.

this could be handy sharing textures between multiple vvvv instances, without sending the Handle number via OSC.


@lasal thats what syphon is doing. still waiting for someone to come up with a windows version of it so we can jump right in.

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