Shared Memory?!


I’m on the actual version of vvvv but can’t get the SharedMemory node work.
I need this for Multiscreen Videooutput with 3 EX9 Renderer.
Even the example is not working in this version of vvvv.

Win7 Prof. 64bit, 2x GTX560Ti, Intel Core i7 2600K

If you need multiple screens outputting the same video texture, starting vvvv.exe with the option /dx9ex might be all you need, if 1 video-adapter has more than 1 output, and you connect multiple screens to the same video-adapter (maybe using a triplehead2go or something)?

There’s also some nodes to synchronize video-playback in multiple vvvv instances. You might find some help here: video synchronization

Maybe one of these options will allow you to do what you want to achieve.