Shared memory textures from resolume to vvvv


I’d like to know if someone ever found / tried to pass video from resolume (pc) to vvvv.
Maybe via freeframe plugin / shared graphic ram ? I couldn’t find any solution yet.

Tks for your time.

it really depends on what resolution you need to work
i use to work with 640x480 clips for simple textures, and i use resolume windowed on the top rigth corner of my desktop on a fix position

from vvvv use Screenshot node and look for that area.

Tks for your answer I’ll try that. I need low resolution.

Is that still all we got?

I bought both the Sender and Receiver of bigfug today just to find out i can’t get the receiver to deliver any texture.
The sender, engaged as an effect in Resolume, does it’s job.
However, it doesn’t disclose any handle as we know it (big integer) so i can’t combine it with our great SharedTexture (DX9) nodes.

I’m unhappy with the screenshot solution above, because i want to make use of Resolumes capability to decode DXV clips on the graphics adapter.
Maybe i am missing something that made all these obsolete? Weird that this is still such an issue.

Maybe try Spout? Between v4 and unity it worked well for me:

@drehwurm, thanks a lot! I heard a bit about spout but i failed to find it on the net because someone misspelled it as sprout in a tragic moment :)
Hopefully i can fulfill some wishes for the show tomorrow. If so, i owe you a beer :)

Oh! That awkward moment when you move a window across the devices and the magically shared texture - vanishes.
Turns out Spout’s sender for Resolume always sends the texture on the primary display’s adapter, whereas my projectors are connected to - and in vvvvullscreen on - the second adapter.

I posted this in a thread of the spout support forum, where the lack of device routing is already known. Mranwhile, any further experience reports are welcome, of course.

EDIT: After two days of testing and special compilations of the SpoutSender2.dll, i found out that it’s the SharedTexture (EX9.Texture) which is unable to transfer the texture to another graphics adapter. The FromSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2d) does the job really fine!

@blausand also check out TCPSpout
Spout dx9 works on desktop computer , but on dual graphics cards notebooks the only ( and better ) option is FromShadertextured dx11
I use it on a weekly basics

now see:

vvvv latest alpha 64 bit. latest spout. win 8.1. spout dx11 modules from github throw this error:

00:02:56 ERR : FATAL ERROR: in document in line 49, between position 5 and 89 – Missing equality sign.
00:02:56 ERR : the patch couldn’t be loaded. Parser error. what to do?

alpha 32 bit? where to put the vvvv dx11 sender/receiver modules?

@sinus please try spout-dx11

thanks again! it works!!