Shared Memory Texture

is there a way to pass a Texture into a Shared Memory Location without the bottleneck AsVideo ?

not at the moment. but we could think of a new node for that. what are you actually trying to do?

i try to give some flash content its own cpu and send the result as texture to the main v4 application.

its a test, it worked ok with the asvideo combination but i guess it could be better with a real texture node …or am i wrong ?


hm…i am confused…your first post sounded like:

now the last post sounds like:

for the latter there is the SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) node. if you can write an image in the correct textureformat to the sharedmemory location, vvvv will be able to read it with that node.


and how to write the texture to a shared memory location? which node does this ?

still don’t get it… are you interested in the first or second scenario? i think the second. and in this scenario you don’t have to write a texture to sharedmem, do you? your flash-app writes its image to sharedmem in a texture-format and vvvv can read that then using SharedMemory (EX9.Texture) .