Share your interactive patches for Charity

Hello fellas!
September has come and on the 15th school starts here in Bulgaria.
Every year before the school starts my firm and few other organize a kind of Fun-day/ fund raiser for a home for children with disabilities and mental issues - Autism, down syndrome and so on.

As this year has been really bad for events and most of the rental companies are not using their gear we have organized a bit bigger “party” for them. there will be movie Screens and a few more LED screens that i was hoping to give them something to play with.
Last year my colleague made a simple Kinect game in Unity and the children reacted really well to it. So i Pushed and this year we want to give them some more options - thus the 4 LED screens.

So far i have arranged for 4 LED screens of 4x2.5 Meters for anything interactive. I have also provided 4 Kinects of each model 1&2, Radar Touch (Touch screens) devices and a few IR cameras as well as the media servers for the entire thing.

What I seek is if you can spare / share some interactive patches with me so i can use there - flowers, butterflies , balls or whatever you thing children might enjoy to play with. I am working on some thing but as i have many more thing to arrange i really have limited time.

The event is going to be from 10th to 13th of September.

If you want to share something you may do so here in the forum or P.M me
I will guarantee the safety of your work and adhere to your wishes as to how it is to be used and/or disposed of after the event.

Should you wish i will try to spare some funds for you, just remember this is a charity, everything is funded by our own money and the whole idea is to save as much as possible for the children.

Thank you in advance!

Best, Sergey

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