Share objects betwenn latest Gamma and Beta

Hallo a little patch example to show a problem with deserialization of common objects between Gamma and Beta, it works if I roll back to 2022.3.3 but not with latest. I can the data over to Beta with a simple spread and Memory Share but I would really miss the convenience of being able to move more structured data.
Is there any workaround I am missing here? TX
Use case is sending data to the Etherdream node in Beta as it has not been ported to Gamma yet. (14.2 KB)

You can use (De)Serialize [System.Serialization]. Not really efficient though.

ShareData_b.7z (13.9 KB)

to add an explanation for this problem: this is by design. de/serialization is a bit of a beast and has many facets. read about it here.

depending on what exactly you mean with “structured data” using OSC could still be the simplest in your case. see the helppatches on how you can easily use ValueTuple nodes to join/split primitive data for transmission in one go.

Hallo, with structured data I mean data which comprises of different kind of primitives and arrays, so I wanted to leverage on the flexibility of a Class, in this very case is to send data to the Etherdream node in Beta. Yes OSC is another option which I had in mind, as well as shared memory.

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