Share data between gamma and beta

I am trying to translate a patch from beta to gamma, how can I send data from and to gamma and beta? It must support multicasting, right now on beta-beta I am using Shared Memory (not available on gamma right?)
(actually I would be interested to create a multicasting receiver with VL in beta, so that would be from gamma to VL within vvvv)

We’ve talked about this on the chat: indeed we don’t have sharedMemory nodes yet in vl, but you have various options.

  • plain UDPClient/Server with custom data format or OSC
  • ZeroMQ
  • MQTT

depends a bit on what exactly you’re doing…

Yes I managed to get data over with ZeroMQ but I have some problems using my own datatype, the VL doc I attach would work within Gamma with the Serialize and Deserialize nodes but as stated by @tonfilm there is kind of incompatibility between Gamma and vvvvVL with it. So I am trying with the advanced nodes. You try it opening the XLclient in vvvv.
VVVV.XL.controlUI.vl (35.9 KB)

latest vvvv alpha should be in sync and compatible with latest gamma. which versions are you using?

vvvv alpha is 672
gamma is 703
So yes using these versions there is no error, I managed to get something working, please have a look at my patch and let me know if the patching could be improved. tx (14.2 KB)

A newer version with Enumeration inputs with a DLL (23.4 KB)