Shadow of typospread?

hi guys,

general question: is it possible at all to project the shadow of a typospeaded typographical object ?



hi anita!

please have a look at the “girlpower( shadow )” folder.
note that the demonstrated shadowing technique is only capable of casting shadows of one group of objects onto other objects. so no selfshadowing is possible. and please ignore the callmenames patches…

thanx gregsn.

I knew it would´nt work. Just wanted to make shure (and get a pro´s explanation)

life is good…


i think gregsn pointed out that its in fact possible (just the self-shadowing will not work)

i don’t know. please explain more what you try to achieve!

in principle it is also possible to project the shadow of an object onto itself again. for that a little more complicated shaders have to be used, but the patch should stay as complicated as it is in the example.

however i don’t know if this is really what you need. i understood that you want to have a cloud of basic particles which arrange in 3d in a way that they look like a word (from the right perspective). then this scenery is lit by a light and the shadow of the particle system is projected on another geometry.

now you…


that is exactly what I was looking for, only that I wasn´t thinking of a clound, but actually want to make it as flat as possible on the z-axis. But I guess that would not be a problem? Would it be possible to have “pillows” as particles?

yes it is possible to use pillows. just render black pillows into the shadow texture…
and they will appear as if they were shadows of some soft object.

however: all this will only work if your graphiccard supports it. does the example patch work on your computer: do you see a shadow of the teapot on the wall?


I can see it. What exactly does self-shadowing mean??

when an object casts a shadow on itself.


It is actually self-expanatory.