i startet a ShaderSnippets page here. thought it would be helpful to have a collection of little shader functions, for everyone who wants to build his own heavy shader thing and does not want to start from scratch.

feel free to participate

Hey nice idea , that encourage me to start learning ;D i,m completly lost on shaders .

ai woei,

very fine. you could also provide those snippets readily in a .fxh file for anyone to include in an effect
#include “imageprocessing.fxh”
and directly use functions provided.

i’ve always wanted our basic gouraud/phong shaders being rewritten in such a fashion for massively better reusability. especially the light-functions could be extracted so that it would be very easy to create effects with multiple lightsources.

anybody up for the quest shall be highly rewarded with fame.

Hi guyz,
Very nice idea! Can somebody post some hints to deal with complex nvidia shaders? I’m trying to re-write one of them but it’s very complicated to me due to many lines of macros and the fxh files…

Would be vvvvery nice!

Thanx to all,