Shaders Quick Start


I’m new to VVVV, and am itching to try out some of the shaders from the User Shaders page. I wonder if anyone could be kind enough to take me through the process of getting, say, the SuperFormula or CurvesSimple shaders up-and-running in VVVV.

I’ve managed to get Ernst Hot’s Gradients shader to work, but have so far had no success with any of the other ones. I’m not looking for a bells-and-whistes setup, just the basics so that I can see some output from the shader, and fiddle with some of the parameters.

Sorry for asking such a basic question.

Thanks in advance, guys,


so it seems that you want to know more about Vertex Shaders.
hhhm, me too.

do you know pixelshader_for_newbies? perhaps also a good point for starting…

Hi kalle!

thanks for getting back to me.
Yes, I’m interested in Vertex Shaders. The only FX I’ve managed to get going so far is a Pixel-Shader-based one, so I guess what I need to know is which modules I need to hook up to the input pins of a Vertex-Shader based effect like SuperFormula or CurveSimple, in order to see some output.

As I said, I’m new to vvvv, so I’m afraid I don’t know the correct terminology for some things.

Incidentally, I have had a look at the PixelShader tutorial. I’ve messed around with Fragment shaders in GLSL, so I have some familiarity with Pixels shaders. I’m a little less sure how to deal Vertex Shaders, though, in HLSL or GLSL…