Shaders from RenderMonkey

I am very new to shaders, so i hope this is not a totally silly question.
I am trying to bring in shaders that have been created or brought in from renderMonkey into vvvv. Unfortunately, it seems they don’t work so well. I applied the shader to an xFile in vvv, and while the xfile in its own renderer appears fine, the shaded version appears colorless, and flattened onto a plane, and stretched out, as if viewed through a fisheye lense. I tried to hard code the paths to the textures, but still not satisfaction. Will rendermonkey shaders import into vvvv? Do they have to be modified to work properly? I have attached one of the anisotropic shaders that ships with rendermonkey. Maybe someone can fix it so that it will work with v4? That way maybe i can learn how to fix shaders to work for v4.



Anisotropic.fx (14.0 kB)


the renderman effects are not so readable…and as i don’t have a comparison i am not sure if this is it. but it seams two main things need to be changed:

  • line 28 says:
    float4x4 view_proj_matrix : ViewProjection;
    this would be translated to
    float4x4 view_proj_matrix : WorldViewProjection;
    for a vvvv effect so you can apply a world transformation on the model.

  • line 50 says:
    Out.Pos = mul(view_proj_matrix, Pos);
    which should be translated to:
    Out.Pos = mul(Pos, view_proj_matrix);
    tonfilm has just recently been working on his dissertation on the different usages of matrices in opengl and directx. can you chime in here?