Shader re-compile broken in 2022.5 preview 536

As soon as a shader is changed and saved at runtime, all shader nodes get removed and have the “reference ambiguous” error.

Can you be more specific? Couldn’t reproduce it in the shader help patch for example.

Ok, the help patch seems to work. It, of course, only happens in a bigger project patch:

It looks like the shader node factory is two times in the system or all shader nodes are added twice to it.

So another file, in this case, VL.Assimp.vl seems to add all nodes again. The file VL.Assimp.vl is in the same directory as the main file and sees the same shader folder and is referenced by the main file… that could be the issue.

yes, this seems to be it. when removing VL.Stride from VL.Assimp.vl the ambiguity disappears, when re-adding it to VL.Assimp.vl it is ok, but when editing the shader once more, the same error happens.

Thanks, good find! Will be fixed in upcoming.

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