Shader model 4

Hi all,

I’m about to buy my new 8800 GT gfx card wich supports VS4 & PS4, moreover it handles a new kind of shader: geometry shaders (that can create geometries instead of “simply” distort them). Anyone heard about those new features? Are they limited to DX10?
(Desaxismundi: I’m sure you know something ‘_’)


Hi Alex,
Geometry shader is a brand-crazy new feature for dx10 only :)

Yo Desax, thanx!

Nevermind: Vista, I’m gonna getcha!

sadly vvvv doesn’t support DX10 ?!?

if you don’t have other reason for vista better keep XP.

thx to

8800GT is a good choice…even for DX9…but Vista? not sure…as i tried it a couple of days on my machine i would say as kalle : better keep XP for now…our advice ;)

Actually I don’t really want to upgrade to Vista (in Vista’s case, is upgrade the right word?), the only reason for me to do so would be to get dx10. But if you vvvv people think that dx10 isn’t worst the pain… let’s keep xp!

that image above may let you think so, but:
my following opinion is not to be meant as the usual and silly prejudices against MS,BillGates,Windows.
you know what i mean.

until now i heard nobody saying reasonable, positive things about vista.
only things like
“annoying permission requests”
“feels slower”.

i really would like to read positive opinions/meanings here.

what is a good reason for you to go for vista?

there has to be more than “transparent GUItranquilizer” which i would haved disabled in the very first minutes…

Err… sorry but from my noob’s point of view dx10 is the only good reason (what?! vvvv doesn’t support dx10?!?)

Dear Alecz,
me too.

but my question was meant to be adressed to the whole Community

I know ;)… no text …

vvvv doesn’t support dx10
i have no idea if it would be hard to implement it (i guess so)
all i know is that would be amazing…