Shader Help, finding the colour values at vertex points


Ive set myself quite an ambitions task which I’m not completely sure where to progress at the moment. Using the Slide Projector patch in the Girlpower folder I’ve taken that apart and am projecting a texture into to a sphere. what i am wanting to do is get the colour values in realtime at each vertex so i can map the 3D model to a real word model with LED . Its essentially what UVA’s D3 media server does and they call it Parallel mapping.

Where do i go from here, i know virtually nothing about shaders and don’t even know if i should be looking at a vertex shader/pixel shader etc?!?

Any pointers would be great!

Also, see attached patch to where I’ve gotten (not very far)



ADC slide (37.9 kB)

have a look in the dx11 girlpower/sm5/directcompute/meshpainter example, I think this will do what you want, but you’ll need to run it on a dx11 compatible gpu…

Hey Cat, thanks for the pointer, I cant see the Meshpainter example in that file location, I have Pack dx11 b32. Im completely blown away by how much work vux has put into these!!