Shader.fx on boygroup-clients?

My setup has a couple of clients in a boygroup-configuration.

playing video on the clients via dx9-renderer and quad and videotexture is no problem.

but if I connect a shader.fx-node ( modified kernel-filter for sharpening) between the videotexture and the renderer then the clients dont show video.

the shader works because on the boygroup-server the effect of the filter can be seen.

has the shader.fx to be on a certain place ?
I tried:
-same place as patch
-same place as vvvv.exe


So you’re already going into the freestyle part of your project? (as I see on @nbd:Mission accomplished?)

have you made sure to copy your filter file on the clients in the exact same path / make paths relative?

this is a missing feature: .fx can only be boygrouped if they are present on all the clients. don’t forget to distribute them again when you edited the .fx file on the server. (may use a simple batch file for that!)

effects can be in two places:

  • in the /effects folder which exists parallel to the /modules folder. on hovereing an effect with the mouse (on the server patch) you should see :EFFECT:…fx which means the .fx will be searched for relative to the \effect file

  • anywhere else. in that case they will be referenced with a relative (if possible) of absolute path. hovering the effect on the server patch should reveal its position. an absolute path simply has to match. a relative path…well

when starting a boygroup client with:
/client serverip
you can specify an additional rootpath for all relative paths by writing something like:
/client serverip C:\myproject\patches\

now i only hope that this also works for effects. i only tested that for patches and mediafiles! so please let us know.

thx. i will try that.

by the way, you have written on your userpage that you experimented with codecs for video sync. which one is your choice now ?

will post that on my user page in the next days.