Shader for pointcloud and some more questions


I had some more time to play with the kinect depth image. I save one depth an webcam image and process it in a later step. Also i convert the depth image with the TextureAsCloud Plugin and save it to a file.

I have a few questions to this steps. when I save the depth image from the ms kinect plugin and load it as filetexture I got bad data when I use the converter plugin!?! In what file format can I save the image depth, I tried png and hdr without success. do depth information after loading the image.

The framerate is also going down when I filter the 50.000 vectors. I want to delete some 0,0,0 and narrow the range of the cloud. I use the select node in 2 steps perhaps there is a faster way to do this?

I added a little patch which renders the cloud with quad, ok thats not so sexy… I am a totally newbie to vertex shaders, I am looking for a shader with which I can make beautiful points with a glow.

any help would be great (2.2 MB)

Perhaps a Delaunay geometry shader could help. This one is in GLSL.

yes a delauney geometry shader would be in general extremely amazing for all kind of stuff.

but not easy imo…

ah ah ah here we are talking

woei obviously worked with this already. check it out

That last example is doing delaunay on the cpu sadly