Shader editor - flashing asterisk - can't save

I’ve only noticed this recently, while editing dx11 shaders in b31.2

Sometimes the asterisk next to the filename at the top of the editor window (which appears when there is an unsaved modification to the code) will start flashing. It seems that once this happens the file will not save and vvvv must be restarted.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen this, you’ve 2 editors open with the same fx in both.
I’ve taken to copying the whole fx file, and pasting it into an io box in the patch, then trying to close one shader and save when it says, and then the other, hopsfully you close the one you’ve not been updateing first, then when you open the fx its ok, otherwsie, coipy and paste your text back in from the io box…
I think ideally v4 should not let you open the same code twice, (or let you save as… I still miss that!)

Ok. Don’t remember this behaviour!