Shader editor doesn't close with containing patch

If I have a patch open, and then open the shader editor for a shader in that patch, if I close the containing patch the shader editor stays open.

Normally patches that are open in a containing patch close when that patch is closed, so I would expect shaders to do the same.

If the patch I had open was the only patch, the only way I can find to close vvvv is to right-click it in the taskbar and close it there or use Alt-F4, not the usual way I exit programs…

Isn’t there some command to close the editor directly? Why no middle-click or right-click menu for it? I could not find any keystroke command listed to do so either, sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere.

Also, would be nice to be able to somehow obvious pull up the available keystroke commands in the editor.


codeditors behave differently than patcheditors. for now. codeeditors can savely be closed via ctrl+w without deleting the according node. we are aware of that inconsistency.

alt+f4 is my favorite way of quitting vvvv, nothing odd about that.

and here are some more CodeEditor Shortcuts.