Shader Bug 32.1?

ein video sagt mehr als 1000 worte, maybe not. the glow effect acts weird but might be just one symptome of something bigger.

create a fresh glow fx node and the result has some funky transformation, once you reset the node (alt+rightclick) it does work like it should be.

maybe connected to this are some fuckups with dx9texture…not constantly reproducable. switching to version 31.1 makes all problems disappear…mmm

hmm…i don’t really see whats wrong in the video but i suspect the change comes from the fix to

the glow is a fairly complex module and it would help to get a simpler example of something related behaving differently between b31.2 and b32.

ok, follow patch instructions.

the glow/blur is scaled, moved to some “creative” values.

the culprit is easy to find, already in the first pass inside the patch the value pins are not evaluated on creation. they do evaluate on reset or reload of the patch or manual change.

shaderproblem.v4p (3.7 kB)

the glow gives black frames when input color out of 0-1 range

this does not happen on my machine win7 64bit, nvidia with vvvv 32bit. could you or anyone try again? what os did you use?

fixed that. thanks for reporting u7! soon here: downloads/alphas