Several outputs in one input

probably very simple but i`dont check it

i`dont get several outputs in one input(GetSlice), i try a switch but this not the right one.

are any diffents nodes for this funktion, a short example
would help.

thanks for support

probably very simple but i`dont check it

you will never get multiple outputs into one input in vvvv.

vvvv always transmits values over a connections. so the value of an input is always defined by the current value of the output above. so it makes no sense to connect one input to many outputs, as it wouldnt be clear which value to take. vvvv is more like electricity where you would get a short circuit when you connect an output carrying one voltage to another output with a different voltage.

you probably used other graphical programming languages before: vvvv is not based on events (like Max or PD) which nodes send on their outputs and somehow magically happen one after another so that the last one wins - in vvvv everything within one frame happens at the same time.

typically you would need something like Switch, Bounds, +, *, Or, And, Max, Min, MultiFlipFlop+Switch to define what happens with the two values before merging them into one.

You can try to concentrate your spread/values with node like Cons (Spreads) and Stalone.

my missing element was the MultiFlipFlop,
i dindn`t know this node.

but i try the Cons(spreads), too.

thanks for your support