Several masks at dir node


hwo to specify several filetypes at mask of the Dir (File)?

comma seperated doesnt work:
*.png, *.jpg

neither space seperated does
*.png *.jpg


just feed them in as slices, the mask pin is spreadable.

i know, its spreadable
that is not a solution as you are able to input directories as slices as well.

and then for example
the second directory would have the second mask as mask…

how many file types are you needing? can use separate nodes, or if you want the same node maybe use string count on dir input > select on mask input

i already tested with the framedelay loop of the dir file count output and select of mask input,
i dont like frame delay loops.
so i have a pretty complex sift-select-construct to check if the files are correct.
but it would be such a nice solution to input several masks in the directory node?


someone know if it is definitely not possible? or someone know the hidden expression to add file masks within slices?

You want each mask for every dir, output is the files.


DirMasks.v4p (3.6 kB)

or maybe I misunderstand what you want to do?

ah ok my fault, thanks for the patch.

one patch say more then 1000 words

1000 words * mainloop fps