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I just want to point out an already know problem of finding some nodes. Again :-)
The SetWindowState is good example I have. Obviously, it is a very useful node, which you need immediately when you making a windows application - most likely you want to configure how the window will appear, behave and what name it will have.

I’m working with v4 on a daily basis, and I can say that I’m an advanced user. From my programming perspective I can understand why the SetWindowState is a part of separate lib, and even why this lib is not referenced by default.

But still, after so many times using it, it takes me sometimes a half of hour to fined the SetWindowState - feels wrong :-)

As a quick suggestion for this specific node - let’s include it to the Renderer help doc, maybe?
And for a general problem, should we open a discussion and start collecting such cases?

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The plan is to have a list if packs that you can define that will be referenced when you create a new document. this will make it possible to reference the windows specific library by default, if you want to.

the windowing nodes in Stride are there by default, because they are not windows specific, as Stride uses a cross-platform windowing library.

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SetWindowState for skia, I meant, sorry.

So, it is going to be sort of presets for new document - targeting windows, or console, or anything else, - do I get it right?

it will be a list of packages that will be automatically referenced when you create a new document.

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