SetWindowPosition for comments

Attached is a patch which sets a VVVV window position to a position read from a table when the “Apply” input is banged. See the “wishlists” forum for my problems with SetPatchMode. This patch is an attempt to work around the SetPatchMode problems.

Any comments on how this patch could be improved? It is a bit of a hack in the sense that it doesn’t attempt to parse the XML, it just assumes certain lines appear in certain positions. Could probably done with XLT but it is a big learning curve just for this simple application. (2.9 kB)

see attached patch. you dont need to set all the current patch information to setPatch… see attached patch.

setWindow.rar (2.6 kB)

Very nice! I never thought about just trying to set the relevant part of the XML.

Thanks a lot.