Setup.exe problem c++ 2017



setup tells me c++ 2017 is missing and windows says it is installed

any idea why ?

Install issue

probably microsoft shit.

deinstalled, reinstalled, fixed…


ms always releases different versions of those packs and setup only checks for one specific version as it is really hard to keep up with ms. so often when you have one version installed everything will just work fine.

Vvvv_50beta35.8_x64 und vc++ redistributable 2017 mismatch
Nodes from my addonpack still remain red


I did a reinstall using fresh download from MS site and vvvv still gives me same error.
I have Visual studio so I always have latest version.
I did not try to install this time using the vvvv built in web installer button.
Mine was a totally fresh full download of VS c++ runtime 2017 64bit.

I’ll try one more time tomorrow.
I just don’t want to break any of my other software.


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