Settings for maximum usage of the cpu and gpu

Hello, I want to allow vvvv to use more of the cpu and the gpu.
Right know it just uses 20% of the CPU and 15% of the gpu.

Can you please help me?

Hope this will help to have a smoother framerate.
Thank you!

I almost had the same problem, low framerate but gpu only on 30 percent

Watch out - CPU usage usually refers to all CPU cores. Say you have 4 cores a usage of 25% would mean that one core is on 100% which would explain the low frame rate. Sadly there’s no such thing as “throwing” more cores to the problem, instead you’ll need to profile the patch and see where the bottleneck is coming from. Most simple profiling approach is to go to the root patch, hover one node after the other and look at the timings (you can enable them in the settings). Do you see a node with high timings that way?

I almost had the same problem too,CPU only 35% and GPU 40%

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