Setting the renderer to the patch background

Hi folks! I was wondering if is it possible to set the renderer to be the patch background it would be very cool for scenarios like live coding
Just came across this guy, and it look reaaaly cool, but he does it by mixing two captures with obs and color keying them.

Anyways… any idea is welcome!

i think he just replaces the patch color with alpha in an image editing software.

you can use obs easily for that. create a lumakey filter on the patch and capture also the renderer. then place the two sources over each other.

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A quick hack in vvvv. It’s EX9 though.

Info(EX9.Texture) ScreenShot(EX9.Texture) seems to be broken in beta39.

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can you demo this? preferrably in a new topic…

yes, thanks for answering.
I’ve already figured that out prior to writting the post…
I was wonderig if there was a “native” way of doing this withou the use of external software

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