Setting Rendererproperties/Go Fullscreen on boygrouped clients


i encountered a problem that im not able to solve at the moment.

i like to set up a simple boygroup witj just one client. on the server side a like to have my controls (just normal vvvv gui) and on the client i like to go fullscreen on both screen. i older vvvv versions there was that fullscreen on client inlet, but in beta 9 it doesnt exits any longer. how i can go fullscreen on the client without goin fullscreen on the server? and in generall how can i specify more parameters (like on which output i like to fullscreen/resolution backbuffer size etc) for the clients?

hope anyone can help/ot give me at tip soon, i got a little vj gig next saturday…

cheers ele

hi elem,

i’m no boygrouping expert, but i know that every client has its ID so you can check for the ID and go to fullscreen using the fullscreen pin on the renderer. to specify the adapter for a renderer, i think you have to have also two screens on your master to move the windows on the right screens or you use span mode on the client …

ahlo ele.

you can always make individual settings for clients using the boygroup id coming out of the boygroup (client) node. set the servers id to -1 and then patch something like:

if id >= 0 then fullscreen= true


but concerning fullscreen dimensions i think we really have a problem in the case where the dimensions you want the clients to go fullscreen are not available on the server…

so make sure your server and clients are in span mode so you can select the fullscreen resolution you want for the clients in the servers renderer. does that help for now?

Thanks a lot guys.

that helped a lot.

but some things are still unclear to me:

about that span mode, i like to avoid it because on the serverside (my laptop an inspiron 8500 with a geforce 4200go) i have to install a old shity driver because the new one doesnt support spanmode anymore.
(and i want to uild an enviroment that is able to use patches on as many videooutputs as there are available. and spanmode just works on one card)

ok, so my question is now: what is the way to tell the renderers on which output deviceit should go fullscreen? is the only solution to have the same amount of outputdevices on the server and drag each renderer to the right adapter?

m. you sure about the newer driver not supporting span mode? can’t you find the driver-settings or does the setting not do what you expect?

if you have two cards with two outputs each you should be able to go in span mode twice. once on each card. generally when in fullscreen span mode is to be preferred. it saves a lot of memory.

right now the renderer goes fullscreen on the device where its window is placed. on a boygroup-client you can only move the render window manually. or with the Window node maybe? the clients renderer will not move if you move it on the server.

When the server and Client have completely different GPU specs, it could also be an option to not use boygrouping, but rather transmit just the control parameters you need via UDP or TCP, no?