Setting an io to BANG instead of setting it to 1?

heh v4’ers

Ive got a little control patch that exists soley to switch patches using changeNode. It pretty much identical to the changeNode help patch in structure.

However instead of changing the patches manually by forcing a bang on each of the buttons i just want to automate it in sequence. ie patch 1 stays up for 5 mins, switch to patch 2 for 5mins and so on.

I can switch through the index of a setSlice node fine. And then i can connect the spread of buttons to it and use the output to do a switch.

It switches but causes the switched patch to keep re-opening, and this is because it value is set to a constant 1 i think instead of banged?

how do i go about setting a io slice to BANG instead of setting it to 1?

ive added to zip to show you were i am with it,

hope someone can help,


Selecta3.v4p (7.4 kB)

You might wanne check the Change (animation) node some time.

I used Peakspread to help you, but I am sure there are loads more options. (queue, setslice… etc…)

Banger.v4p (10.1 kB)

thanks a lot West! much appreciated and seems to work ok! :)

yeah i was using a setlice method but seems I needed to know about Togedge,

nice one!