SetSpread problem with Count

callmenames.v4p (14.9 KB)

Hey! Say something about this

got this when i open that patch…
also i suggest you try setslice, i think it’s more easy then setspread

@antokhio я не могу спокойно спать, зная, что СетСпред неправильно работает((

@woei should have a look at this.

interesting find

seems to be a problem with ISpread<ISpread<>> implementation: resizing/wrapping the inner spread
additionally as of bet35 there seems to be a problem with AssignFrom together when using multidim spread (SetSlice plugins are currently also broken because of that)

so i guess @Elias has to take a look at that (3.4 KB)

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@kbln Thanks for the report. The issue should be fixed in current alpha build.
@woei The issue was in the CyclicStreamReader implementation - as soon as one of the input spreads had a bin size of one the code failed - seems to be older than b35. At least it was already present in b34.2, didn’t go back any further.

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@elias tested back to 33.3, must have been around for a while indeed.
the issue which antokhio encountered above is another one though, or the red node behaviour changed with b35. versions prior didn’t trigger any exception, but just sampled some garbage value when wrapping with bin size 1.
will open up another thread with an example

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