SetSlice - Distributing slices by their color

Hi evvvveryone!

Long time since ive been active in the forum, so heres my question:

Ive been trying to distribute something like Particles, all starting from 4 position and then receiving ther x and y from a circular spread.
I also created a random color for every object. Now im trying to sort the objects before im distributing them to the 4 starting points by lightness of their HSL color.

1 lightness = 1. from top
3/4 lightness = 2. from top
2/4 lightness = 3. from top
1/4 lightness = 4. from top

So all dark particles distribute at the bottom and all light at the top.

At the moment im using a counter counting down the Bin size to change the Values to the position. Idealy i would like to change random index positions so the circle wont grow in a linear but more fractured way.

I hope your able to understand my aim here. :)

distributeByColor.v4p (14.8 kB)