SetPatch Timerliner Keyframes

i’m trying to set/create keyframes in timerliner without using the GUI. just got a little setpatch example working but timerliner does not update to the changes without reloading the patch.

any idea how to hack this ?


i am afraid it was never meant to work like this. i don’t think this will work without quite a rework on its codebase…

ok, this could be an interesting feature for the new timeline maybe. what for ? for example creating/manipulating keyframes with camera(softimage). sometimes its better to have intuitive control within the scene rather than twiddling with just one value after another.

fcourse. only for a start the new timeline will come as standalone only. but once it is in a node we can easily think of Get/SetKeyframe nodes…

new standalone timeliner sounds promising!
can we targeted support/flattr it?

flattr joreg. simple ;)