SetAlpha Stride

hello, i am trying to run my patch with the latest preview version of gamma but a lot of stride nodes have changed. does anybody know how to use the new SetAlpha node? In the stable version it had 2 texture inputs which worked perfectly fine but now it only has one.

for the Alpha Mask, you now have a GPU<Vector4> input, this input is more flexible, you can either connect a static value or a texture to it. for that, we have the ColorIn or ColorMap nodes

Thanks. Now i ran into another issue. I experienced that when i preview the output of the setalpha the background is white like in the stable version. But when i try to blend it with another texture the area that should be transparent is still green. i don’t know what i am doing wrong. All settings match with the stable version.

I am trying the Colormap node with PNG with alpha layer but to no avail, I tried different kind of images but no one seems to work. (101.9 KB)

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