Set window bounds just moves content inside renderer (or: how to move a renderer)

hi all,

I have a laptop with 1080p monitor rendering 4KDCI to a projector via HDMI.
I need the renderer to be fullscreen with window borders, but the render window won’t save that way. each time I reopen the patch it’s back to a small windowed size. I also tried to create a new renderer node - same outcome.

I tried the set window bounds node, but it just moves the render content inside the window, not the window itself. Mouse Events (send mouse) also just works within my laptop display. setting the second screen to main display also didn’t help. Any ideas how to get itfull screen?

I could count the pixel width and heigth of top and left border of my window and move my move my content accordingly, but I would like to avoid rendering another 4k texture.

ah sorry, just found thesetrenderer(dx11)
was confused by title, the dx11 version is also on this page.

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