Set value when no iobox input

i am having problems when the input on an IObox (vaulue) gets disconnected.
i need to set a default spread when the patch is used ‘stand-alone’.

attached is a patch to explain. any help is appreciated.

bounds_split.v4p (16.0 kB)

check the count() nodes, this should work.

thankyou very much. that is what i was looking for.
i have swapped my ‘mean’ node for the ‘count’ node. that will do for now.

…but i still get the feeling that i should be able to access the input iobox and be able to tell if it is connected upwards (if there is data being routed thru a pin from the parent patch).

…oh yeah… no text …

bounds_split-2.v4p (18.3 kB)

there is no way to tell if an iobox is connected upstream. not sure this would really solve your problem, since even if it is not connected upstream it could carry a valid spread. so i’d say the way you chose in bounds_split-2.v4p is ok.

thanks… no text …