Set-up question (noob, trying to run on Mac Parallels - Win7)

Hi - I’m a total noob, running a Mac with Parallels/Win 7. I downloaded vvvv and ran crack.exe and got three green boxes and the following red box:
“This entry into the Windows registry is required:
AddFlow ActiveX-Component”

First, I’m not sure how to get that entry into the registry.
Second, I have no clue how to fix this.

When I search the computer for “ActiveX” it says there’s a file in my program files (x86) in the Smart-ActiveX folder called File Download ActiveX.

Any insight would be appreciated. I’d love to get going on this!


Hi all,

OK, I figured it out after a 32-bit/64-bit issue and finding the correct bit of software to download.

Question resolved - Off to the races!


strange…you were not supposed to download anything additional. can you tell us exactly what you did to get vvvv running?