Set monitor for fullscreen?

Is there any way to tell a dx9 renderer window which monitor to use for full screen mode? When I load my project on the left monitor, I’d like the renderer to go full screen on the right monitor without having to drag it over there and then go fullscreen [so if I’m displaying visuals, no one sees me drag the window over beforehand](so if I’m displaying visuals, no one sees me drag the window over beforehand).


seems that you don’t use spanmode…

use an inspector (CTRL-I), have a look at the second configuration pin: Device

i hope that this one should help you

I’m not sure how span mode would help, as that would cause full screen mode to span across both monitors, but even if it didn’t, it’s not an option as other apps I use definitely will span both.

the device pin seems to select which actual video card you may have. The defaults is -1 and setting to any number lower does nothign different. Setting it to 0 or higher simply stops the renderer from doing anything [including going to full screen](including going to full screen), so I assume those numbers refer to physically different devices.


also, this page
says to go full screen on a second monitor set the “adapter” pin. But there is no “adapter” pin, only device, which again doesn’t seem to do anything but disable the renderer.


for the Device pin to make sense you have to create a Devices (Manual) node. with it you can manually create a device on your second monitor/adapter (see Adapter pin).

once the device is created you can make any renderer use it by setting the Device pin appropriately. -1 means that vvvv creates devices automatically when you move renderer-windows across monitors. when you have one device created manually you can set Device on the renderer =0. now the renderer should go fullscreen on the monitor/adapter specified in the manual device.

beware that while the renderers window is not on the monitor/adapter specified via its device it will be very slow.

and beware: manual devices are not yet tested well. pls report your findings.

hi Joreg,

Could you explain more in details: what is the use of the Device Node?


alo thiv.

i tried. see Device (EX9 Auto) and Device (EX9 Manual) .
hope that helps.

I saw it after having posted, sorry.