Set default IObox precision in settings menu

I think it’s been requested before but can’t find it… anyway this is something that I’ve repeated 50 times today so here I am. Just a small one.

Request is to be able to set default IOBox precision and step size for floats, vectors etc in the settings menu. (Like how you can already set float precision for inspector)

Also kinda related to this one


Please, bitte, por favor, parakaló


What a about a settings.ini or similar settings file that could be then be just copied over new versions ? Maybe also with the possibility to be overriden on a per project manner?

Settings are already persistent between versions.
They are located in:
C:\ yourusername\Documents\vvvv\[Gamma || Gamma-Preview]\settings.xml

You can provide a settings file via commandline argument.
vvvv.exe --settings C:\path\to\settings.xml

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Thank you, I should have RTFM !