Set a mouse wheel position

Hi all
I have an installation which image position inside a moving monitor is based on mouse wheel rotation. The mouse rotation controls a moving background image and at some points during the scroll of the monitor I put some RFID to start a video, slideshow etc. I would like to know if is possible to synch the mouse wheel value based on a value defined when the rfid card is detected. I need this to synch the background image 'cause the mouse wheel is not precise.

You can use S+H to hold the rescent value
Other approach would be to use switch or set slice if u need predefined values selected by index

I dont think you can do that, an I don’t think you need. The mouse wheel counter is relative (if you reopen a mouse patch, the mouse wheel is set to 0)

What you can do is, is like Antokhio said, with some math. See the attached patch.

SetMouseWheel.v4p (5.1 kB)