Server Node Intiial values

Bumping this comment from a few years ago, when I expose a pin I has no access to its value without giving it a tweak, This is not terrrible but its not ideal. Is there any way around this?

hmm…please try to be more specific. where/how would you like access? have you tried in a plugin and failed? if so please share your attempt for better understanding…

Electromier came up with an more fully featured pin info node, but its quite slow when you have a lot of parameters, maybe you can strip this back to what you need (in the same folder are some attempts that I’ve done, one gets just values for instance)
I have it evaluate only on a change in the count of the exposed parameters to save ticks…

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Thanks, @catweasel . very nifty.

@joreg, as Cat mentioned, this plugin updates constantly, but I like how the current one updates on a bang. The only thing it is missing is:

if (pin != null) { ... FValues[i] = pin.Spread; ... }

added as a string output.

(Just citing @elektromeier to get him notified of the thread about a cool thing he did.)

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