Serial UART OpenMV Cam

Hello, i bought an OpenMV cam to do some ball tracking work. I use the cam connected to vvvv by internal serial port COM4 (or any ) and i experienced some kind of latency or lag when following my object (as shown in the joined gif). However when i use the OpenMV program in OpenMV IDE it works like a charm.

Serial datas are pretty light, hard to believe it could be a process issue.

Anybody has an idea? Maybe a better Serial port setting?



seems your upload failed…

and tbh i have no idea how that camera would work with vvvv at all via serial port. can you share a patch that shows this?

Ok I just reloaded the Gif…

hm…judging from the OnData pin you simply don’t receive more data, right?

still my question: how do you receive the image from the camera? how is the data sent to Rs232?

The image is from another camera.
That is true, it seems RS232 does not receive enough data.
Serial com is maybe not optimized like in OpenMV software.
Definitively uninteresting for detection…


if the image is from another camera…what would be the goal?
and again: who/what is sending the data and how?

Increasing baud rate is not an option?
Edit: I see that the default value is 115200. So I guess baud is not the bottleneck, unless it has been lowered.
Edit 2: this document contains some info about baud, anyway. Fine, I got it. I’ll stop right here. Il’ll just add that there’s a way to calculate baud, it’s based on sampling and other factors. Ok, I’m going, bye.

Hello Joreg, the goal is to beam some effects following the ball movements. We use this camera:
Because it embeds some internal process like Circle detection (it works like such a machine vision oriented arduino).
The second cam is to show the latency.

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